Professional grooming and pampering
with Grooming Marvellous.

"I don’t just groom your dogs, I care for them."

What I do:
I will examine your dog and discuss with you your grooming requirements. As a rough guide grooming takes around two hours depending on the breed. Larger breeds or hand stripping may take longer. I am happy to remove matts as long as your dog does not become distressed. If this happens I may need to cut out or clip any matts to lessen any distress for your dog. I would always discuss this with you beforehand.
Cockapoos / Cavapoos / Miniature Labradoodlesfrom £35
Medium / Large Doodlesfrom £40
Toy / Miniature Poodlesfrom £35
Standard Poodlesfrom £45
Yorkshire / West Highland Terriersfrom £35
Cairn / Wire Fox / Border / Bedlington Terriersfrom £35
Airedale Terrierfrom £45
Lhaso Apso / Shih Tzu / Bichon Frisefrom £35
Nail Trimming / Feet and pad trimming
Ear plucking and cleaning / Eye and bottom trim
from £5

Bath and dry only (dependant on coat type)
Dog SizePrice
Puppy(up to 4 months)£10-£15

Bath only (no dry) - £10-£20

We’ve all been there, an extra muddy walk, your dog has rolled in! What choice do you have? Banishment outside, a cold hose down in the garden, lifting a muddy/heavy dog into your bath only to strain your back and leave your bathroom and furniture in a complete mess! Now you can bring your dog in for a warm relaxing hydrobath.
* Prices are approximate and are based on matt-free coat. Matted dogs incur extra charges depending on the length of time spent and frequency of past grooming appointments. All grooms include a bath and dry.