All your questions answered.
1How often should I get my dog’s nails trimmed? [click]
This will depend on where you walk your dog. I will check your dog nails every time he or she is groomed. If your dog is walked on hard surfaces such as pavement or concrete then they may not need trimming, apart from their dew claws.
2How often should my dog’s ears be plucked? [click]
Current thoughts are now that ears should not be plucked unless your dog has a problem. When necessary his is part of our full groom service. I do not pluck ears without discussing it with you first.
3How do I keep my dog free of knots and matt’s? [click]
Groom your dog at home regularly to keep them matt free between professional grooms. Once or twice a week is usually enough, but individual dogs do vary. For most breeds, you will need a slicker brush and a steel comb. A matt buster can also be useful, particularly for curly coated breeds
4Can you de-matt my dog? [click]
If your dog has too many matt’s or they cover a large area I will not de-matt as this can be uncomfortable and stressful for your dog. I will remove a small amount of knots during the grooming process. However, I do not want to cause your dog unnecessary discomfort or stress. If your dog’s coat needs to be removed I will always discuss this with you before commencing work on your dog.
5What if my dog doesn’t stand still long enough to be groomed? [click]
Don’t worry. I understand dogs and have various handling techniques to keep your dog calm and relaxed so that I can get him or her groomed as quickly as possible.
6My dog doesn’t like other dogs, is this an issue? [click]
This is not an issue, dogs rarely come into direct contact with one another. If you have a real concern about this please let me know and it may be possible to book an early or late session.