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Professional dog grooming services.

About Us

At Grooming Marvellous, our mission is to provide a first rate groom for your dog to fit your individual requirements and lifestyle. Should your dog need a full groom, a bath and brush, teeth cleaning or just their nails clipping you can be assured of a professional and personal treatment for your beloved dog - looking and smelling gorgeous.

Appointments are on an individual basis and your dog will receive the very best expert attention and care without unnecessary crating.

Our salon is a safe and homely environment for your dog and kept spotlessly clean. Parking is easy on our drive with a short walk to several lovely coffee shops. All our products are 100 percent organic and made with essential oils. Your pet will receive the luxury of a therapeutic water massage hydro bath. Tables are electric to ensure that heavy dogs are lifted safely.
dog shampoos

Our Shampoo's

Our shampoos are gentle and will leave your dog’s coat smelling clean and fresh without stripping your dog’s coat of his or her natural oils.

Puppy Grooming

An introduction to grooming for your puppy. Your dog’s first full groom is not such a big deal if he or she is already used to having paws, ears, mouth and tail touched as they would be if being groomed.

Modern Equipment

We can offer the luxury of a therapeutic water massage hydro bath, drying cabinet for nervous dogs, and a microchipping service.

Teeth Cleaning

We are delighted to be able to offer ultrasonic tooth cleaning for your beloved pet. No brushing, vibration or noise. Your pet will not feel any sensation.

What do our customers think?

  • Sally Elliott and Freddie
    I have been taking my cockapoo to Jilana for about 5 years now.  Through patience, love and kindness Jilana has gained Freddie’s trust and he is no longer the nervous wreck he used to be when going to other groomers!  All thanks to her!  He comes out happy, beautifully cut and smelling fab.
    Sally Elliott and Freddie
  • Drusilla O’Sullivan

    I have two dogs and I bring them to Grooming Marvellous every few months for a groom. My dogs always return looking amazing, smell beautiful and their tails are wagging as though they have just had a lovely pamper. One of my dog’s has a tendency to having sore ears after grooming but this has never been a problem after grooming with Jilana. At his last visit one climbed into the dryer to have a chill out after he was finished. It is clear Jilana loves dogs and is keen to ensure you are happy with the result.

    Drusilla O’Sullivan
  • Margaret and Ralph
    We wouldn’t use anyone but Jilana.  She is a brilliant groomer and a lovely person.  Our dog is always cheerful when he sees her and far more relaxed than he has been with previous groomers.  Jilana has such a kindly way about her.  Appointments are easy and convenient to book and she cuts our dog’s coat to look just the way we want it to.  He’s always totally gorgeous when we collect him 10/10 from us.
    Margaret and Ralph
  • Liz McDonald
    Buzz always happy to see Jilana - comes out just right - fluffy and smelling lovely!
    Liz McDonald
  • Cara Doddrell
    Jilana at Grooming Marvellous has groomed my cockapoo Toffee for 3 years now. It took me a long time to find a groomer who was happy to cut my dog the way I wanted it doing and not just giving her a standard poodle cut. As well as my list of requirements, on occasions I sometimes show Jilana photos of what I am after, none of this phases her! As you can tell I have high expectations but can truly recommend Jilana for her work.
    Cara Doddrell
  • Ann West
    Jilana is a great groomer, my dogs adore her. They always get very spoilt and come out looking lovely.
    Ann West


Pamper Your Dog Today

About the hydrobath

All equipment is modern and up to date. I particularly love the fact that I can offer my guests the luxury of a therapeutic water massage.

The hydrobath is designed to clean your dog the way hand washing just can’t. The spray head produces a unique hydro-combing action that massages and stimulates the skin. Water penetrates the coat getting right to the skin removing dry dead skin cells (dander) and other material that can be hidden and hard to get rid of; especially for dogs with longer and thicker coats. In addition the hydrobath helps with blood circulation, relieves tired muscles and has been found to be beneficial for arthritis sufferers and older dogs.

All shampoos are are 100 percent organic and made with essential oils.

Grooming tables are electric to ensure that larger dogs are lifted in safety. For our guests that need a little more time, frequent breaks are offered in our secure garden. Appointments are timed, which means no waiting around and no crating for extended periods. There is ample off street parking on site and adjacent to our purpose built ‘spa’.

Teeth Cleaning

We are very excited to be able to offer teeth cleaning as an additional service


We also provide a Micro-Chipping service for any dog who has yet to get a micro-chip. Since 2016 it is a legal requirement to have your dog micro-chipped.